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I have a list, or array, called inventory[] and it has a maximum of fifteen entries at any given time. I need to test if any of these entries is equal to zero, and if any one entry is equal to zero, do something. What is an efficient way to do this without doing

if inventory[0] == 0 or inventory[1] == 0 or inventory[2] == 0...


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"test if any of these entries is equal to zero, and if any one entry is equal to zero, do something." is confusing. What is the difference between "any of these entries" and "any one entry"? Do WHAT something -- something in general, or something in particular with one/some/all zero entries, for which you will need to know the position (index) of a zero entry in the list? –  John Machin Jan 5 '12 at 0:49

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For your simple case, I think you could possibly just do this:

if 0 in inventory:
  # do something

For a more general case for this type of thing, you can use the any function (docs).

if any([item == 0 for item in inventory]):
  # do something
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+1 for the if 0 in inventory. Sometimes one forgets the easier things :) –  Ricardo Cárdenes Jan 5 '12 at 0:40

Python's built-in any() function is perfect for this. It takes an iterable as an argument and returns True if any of the elements are true (non-falsy).

if any(item == 0 for item in inventory):
    # do something

There is also a similar function called all() that will return True if all elements are True.

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Make use of the all function, and the fact that 0 evaluates as False:

if not all(inventory):

Edit: assuming that inventory contains only numbers, of course

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Fragile, could break for example with inventory = ['spam', [], 'eggs'] –  wim Jan 5 '12 at 0:40
@wim: of course; I'm assuming inventory is a list of integers (and that's why there's a 0 there) –  Ricardo Cárdenes Jan 5 '12 at 0:43
It's best not to make such assumptions, if they aren't needed, or at least mention the assumptions in your answer. –  wim Jan 5 '12 at 0:46

Try this out:

if 0 in inventory:
 print "There is 0 in the list"

output: There is 0 in the list

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