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I'm using the JQuery UI datepicker plugin with

changeMonth: true,
changeYear: true

But the text field that holds the date only updates when the user actually clicks a day. If the user selects a month and year and then clicks outside the datepicker popup, I want the field to contain the first day of the month and year selected.

Currently the text field doesn't update unless the user actually clicks a particular day. Can anyone familiar with the plugin tell me if there is a way to fix this?

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You could populate the text of the field yourself by defining the onChangeMonthYear callback function From the docs:

onChangeMonthYear: Allows you to define your own event when the datepicker moves to a new month and/or year. The function receives the selected year, month (1-12), and the datepicker instance as parameters. this refers to the associated input field.

Code examples

Supply a callback function to handle the onChangeMonthYear event as an init option.

   onChangeMonthYear: function(year, month, inst) { ... }

so this is what you would want:

   onChangeMonthYear: function(year, month, inst) { 
       $(this).val(month + "/" + year);

Example here

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mybe you can use something like this:

    onChangeMonthYear: function(year, month, inst) {
       var day = $(this).datepicker('getDate').getDate();
       $(this).datepicker( "setDate", month+'/'+day+'/'+year);

Be carefully with location date format.

Complete example code here: http://jsfiddle.net/FagGK/

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I think you meant just $(this).datepicker("setDate", month + '/01/' + year); in the callback, $(this).datepicker('getDate') will be null. jsfiddle.net/ambiguous/FagGK/1 – mu is too short Jan 5 '12 at 2:26

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