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I have a C++ app and looking for a library that would make it a HTTP Server that's able to serve static files as well as perform very simple tasks. The only constraint is that it must be Cross-platform.

What are my options.

Clarify: I need a web interface for my application. This application is a background program that does other tasks. I want to provide a way so you can access http://localhost:9999/performtask or http://localhost:9999/viewstatus

clarification2: something like this http://www.gnu.org/software/libmicrohttpd/

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Your question really isn't clear. do you have some functionality that you want to serve via the web? –  Uri May 17 '09 at 0:26

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See this question. I ended up choosing Mongoose.

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Exactly what I need (points++ for Mongoose doing threading) Thanks! –  The Unknown May 17 '09 at 2:50
or use Civetweb if you can't use GPL - this is based on the original, MIT licensed version of Mongoose. –  gbjbaanb Feb 21 at 14:09

The Wt library does exactly this. Recommended, especially if your user interface gets more complex.

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+1 Wt is best library I have found. Good example code. Bad documentation. Easy if you have Qt background. –  Joe McGrath Oct 31 '11 at 19:05

I accomplished the same thing you want to accomplish by using the HTTP Server example for boost::asio.


This was a perfect solution for me, because my project was already dependent on boost::thread and boost::asio, so the HTTP Server example code fit into my application and I could easily have complete control over its threading behavior. I just copied HTTP Server example files into my project and customized the request-response logic.

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Just a thought !

Why don't you convert your c++ application code to a native/extension module for any of the following http servers.

  • Apache Webserver
  • IIS 7.0 native module
  • Nginx
  • LightHttpd

All the above servers except IIS are cross platform.

Maybe building an extension module would yield a better output and the above server are very scalable too.

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You mention a library, do you mean something in process or out of process? You could try apache webserver.

Apache Webserver

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In process, not depend on anything outside. –  The Unknown May 17 '09 at 0:34

I am partial to the poco library as a starting point.

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Take a look at Snorkel it is a light weight fast cross-platform embedded/application server SDK that allows you to quickly add web interfaces to any C/C++ application. Its free and can be found at http://sites.google.com/site/snorkelembedded. Its faster than mongoose.

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Java would be a better choice for a cross-platform solution plus it has good web services apis. Take a look at Netbeans it is a good way to get started.

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This would be a good route to take, except the application is already written, it has to be C or C++ –  The Unknown May 17 '09 at 0:51

Qt framework have buildin webkit. have a lookinto that.

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I think you didn't read the question. –  badcat Jun 13 '10 at 11:22

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