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I have a URL formatted like this:

http://testsite1/mm/page1.php?tID=18&tSerial=TEST TT 1

And here is my JS:

var qs = location.search,
positionID = qs.match(/tID=(\w+)/)[1],
serialID = qs.match(/tSerial=(\w+)/)[1]; 

My problem is that when tSerial is having space e.g. TEST TT 1 then my qs.match can not capture the space what changes must I perform here? What else must I change in order to capture the space too?

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You can allow spaces in the serial parameter like this:

serialID = qs.match(/tSerial=([\w\s]+)/)[1];
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dear dan that works great thank you very much. –  user837306 Jan 5 '12 at 1:07
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