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I have an app that tracks a player's baseball stats. I want it to show Batting Average without the leading zero (.333 instead of 0.333). I've been trying number_with_precision with no luck.

Here is the line from my View:

<%= number_with_precision(@player.batting_average, :precision => 3, 
    :significant => true, :strip_insignificant_zeros => true) %>

Here is the code from the Model:

def batting_average
  self.hits / self.at_bats.to_f

Based on the number_with_precision Rails 3.1.3 documentation, :strip_insignificant_zeros only applies to zeros after the decimal and :significant doesn't affect the decimals. Am I missing something simple?

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There are a ton of ways to do this, but the main thing to recognize is that you are dealing with a float and will need to convert it over to a string to use things like gsub and [].

Here are some ideas:

def to_ba

or with gsub

def to_ba
  self.to_s.gsub(/^0+/, '')

or if you want to get crazy (and this is more for fun than anything else):

def to_ba

These are all helper methods that could be added on the end of your value like this:

number_with_precision( stuff ).to_ba

or you could just attach any of these methods to the end of your call like this:

number_with_precision( stuff ).to_s[1..-1]

But I would use the helper if you plan to put batting averages all over the place.

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No. That's the correct behavior. You could write a helper that does it the right way or just add gsub(/^0+/,'').

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def trim_lead(n)
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