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I try get information about own groups over Graph API. On me/groups I get list of groups. But I not understood what is params: bookmark_order.

Also we can see param unread:1. If I right, it present if another user set some change in group (post new comment). If I refresh group page in browser or open in native android app, then unread is no longer appears. After which api request I can remove unread flag?

Also at group's wall I can ask question. But {group_id}/feed not contain this posts. How I can get it?

I have group document. I can get data about this document: subject, message. But if in document I insert image, then in message param I has string about this image: (img:301666969868743). How can I get this image? Simple GET-request with 301666969868743 (I assumed that this long decimal is ID) return false.

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bookmark_order (see https://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/api/user/)

An array of objects containing the version(old-0 or new Group-1), name, id, administrator (if user is the administrator of the Group) and bookmark_order(at what place in the list of group bookmarks on the homepage, the group shows up for the user).


Doesn't appear to be documented. I would presume this would be a read-only value that facebook controls.

Log a documentation bug with facebook and ask them to explain it. (https://developers.facebook.com/bugs?search_view=search&search_ids%5B0%5D=208685622513742)

question not appearing in {group_id}/feed

Tested it and you're right, it doesn't appear. Good find. You should log this as a bug with facebook. (https://developers.facebook.com/bugs)

Group document with image

When I did an image in a document, I too got the cryptic (img:###) inside the message of the returned object from {group_id}/docs. However I was able to find it on the graph using https://graph.facebook.com/####?access_token=@@@@ and it returned the results. So I'm not sure how to help you with this one

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DMCS, thanks. Some about unread. I reseach facebook android application and find, that it mark as readed group with POST request and param: viewed=true. But I get: "(#200) Requires extended permission: manage_groups". I've seen this issue by another people. And until this bug not fix, we nothing todo. Just sad, that native facebook application work correct. – YShinkarev Jan 5 '12 at 15:33
Interested about image in group document. I try get picture URL from Graph API Explorer and has problem. But I also try this from another user (user, who posted this image). And yahoo! All ok. I could be wrong, but I think, that problem appear, because this image (but not matter who created document) posted by another user. And by owner user I get normal result. From another (although another user also consist in group) - error. It would be cool, if you check this situation – YShinkarev Jan 5 '12 at 15:56
You've gotta remember the native facebook app doesn't use a public API, they're using their own API not available to third party devs. So of course they're going to have more functionality. Did you log it as a bug? Can you post the link to your bug report? – DMCS Jan 5 '12 at 16:11
Picture in group document issue, if your issue is reproducible, you should log it as a bug. Please post that bug report link here. – DMCS Jan 5 '12 at 16:12
Hm, I add one bug about document's image, but set option confidential... I think that only App, IDs will be hide, but facebook hide all bug – YShinkarev Jan 5 '12 at 19:17

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