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I'm using WCF web api to bui;d a rest service that returns coplex objects from an odata query. Unfortunately, querying complex types doesn't seem to work. E.G.

 public IQueryable<Person> Get()
        var people = new List<Person>()
            new Person {
                Department = new Department{Id=2, Description="Lion Swaddling"}
            new Person {
                Department = new Department{Id=4, Description="Face Surgery"}

        return people.AsQueryable();

The following uri returns nothing. http://localhost/api/people?$filter=Department/Id%20eq%20'2'

Does the Web Api, in fact, support querying complex types? And if so, is there something special i must to to enable it?

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Resolved: Turns out some of my objects had null Description values. Once i made sure all had values it worked fine.

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