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Im investigating the translate API and the example script contains a warning advising me to use a proxy to hide my api key.

// WARNING: be aware that YOUR-API-KEY inside html is viewable by all your users.
// Restrict your key to designated domains or use a proxy to hide your key
// to avoid misuse by other parties.

I am just wondering how do I run the script via a proxy?

UPDATE: Thanks for this.. I have since removed the project as it was made redundant. But great advice

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I believe in this instance the reference to proxy means a server side encapsulation (or something similar) to hide the API key. You'd therefore make a call to your server, which would proxy the call to Google instead of making the call in client-side Javascript and exposing your API key.

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Hey Lewis, I suspected as much.. thanks for your answer –  iancrowther Jan 8 '12 at 9:55

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