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This is not an app that is ready to go out nor is it something that is even in a beta.

As you guys know, there are some things that the simulator cannot ..well.. simulate .

The accelerometer for example has to be on iPhone. Is there a way for me to just upload it on my iPhone and test it? Is there such a thing. I apologize if this has been discussed, I googled for about half hour, couldn't find a thing.

It's something I'm looking to do over and over again just to see how my app is running.


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Thanks to both of you guys for answers. I am registered already, but the links you provided have done the job, Thanks again. –  Space Ghost Jan 5 '12 at 5:14

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You mush join the paid apple developer program. See here for instructions and next steps -

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You can test it with device. But before that, you must get the developer certificate. With that, you can generate a developer provisioning profile. With all these things done, you can install the app to the device and you can test.

For more info, visit the Apple developer site

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