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I am trying to get partial word search enabled in my application. What I would like to happen is if some one searches for say framework and the index column has "playframework" as one of the items then it should be detected as a hit.

Here is what I tried:

play.modules.search.Query q = Search.search("index:*" + JavaExtensions.noAccents(by).toLowerCase() + "*", Location.class);

But I get an error: Cannot parse 'index:*framework* : '*' or '?' not allowed as first character in WildcardQuery

Any ideas?

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You should never begin your search with a '*', like stated. You should define filters to match partials (using NGramFilterFactory probably). see: stackoverflow.com/questions/4824954/… for a related question, 2nd answer ( by Mauricio Scheffer) should work. Don't forget to re-index! –  Geert-Jan Jan 5 '12 at 22:59
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It seems that you need to do a fuzzy search. In your case the following code should do what you need:

play.modules.search.Query q = 
  Search.search("yourFieldInLocationClass:" + queryString + "~", Location.class);
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