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In a regular Web Application, I can assign a chain of Filters to various paths for aspects such as Authentication, Authorization, Errors, Logging and more.

The advantage is that I write servlets to focus on core functionality without worrying about infrastructure aspects. I can write orthogonal, cross-cutting Filters to authenticate, authorize, etc. Then I can weave them in web.xml. Looking at web.xml is enough to assure me that there are no holes in my application.

Is this possible in JAX-RS or Jersey? If not, what is my best bet?

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While not identical to servlet filters, Jersey supports ContainerResponseFilter and ContainerRequestFilter. These get called for all requests, so you have to do any URL matching in code.

Here's a good example of some OAuth code that uses the request filter: https://wikis.oracle.com/display/Jersey/OAuth

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i tried to edit your answer for completeness but pedants did not allow me to. could you please edit your answer to also include a mentino to ResourceFilter which is a better way to filter because it is on a per-resource basis. i am accepting your answer in the hope that you will add this information too. thanks :) –  necromancer Jan 7 '12 at 4:03

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