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I want to change the screen timeout to 30 mins using adb. i can run monkeyrunner too, but that will take time. Is there a way to change the settings in SQL lite db using adb? I'm using this to automate a few things. Same thing for stay awake in USB debugging node

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if it's emulator or your devices is rooted, you can modify the setting sqlite database.

how: cd to the setting application database folder, and run sqlite3 databasename.db, then you can modify the database as you like

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yupps it is rooted!! tried this: sqlite3 /data/data/ "update system set value='18000000' where name='screen_off_timeout';" but it did not work... where am i wrong? Do I have to restart the device after this?? – Rohan Jan 5 '12 at 8:57
yes, suggestion restart the device, and when you use update system set value='18000000' where name='screen_off_timeout', you need check the data column has be changed. – idiottiger Jan 5 '12 at 9:20
data column got changed but the screen timed out within a min. any idea of avoiding a restart? – Rohan Jan 5 '12 at 9:56

Wanted to leave this as a comment, but got no rep on here yet:

In addition to idiottiger's answer

In order to update without reboot, I tried to kill the settings process:

adb shell
kill <pid>

But THIS DOES NOT WORK. The settings app shows the correctly updated settings, but it doesn't actually notify the rest of the system, so nothing updates. Then if you switch a settings back manually, it could possibly break some things. ( i got stuck in a boot loop and had to reflash the device....)

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