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question 1:

how to load and stress test a query using jmeter without the help of any jsp page or action class?(i need to know by which test criteria we could decide that it is a good query).

question 2:

how to forward a result set of a jdbc request as an input parameter to next jdbc request. ex:

  1. jdbc request1: you are having a stored procedure that returns the next primary key of a given table.
  2. jdbc request2: an insert query to that table that takes the resulting primarykey from that stored procedure.
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Question 1:

A set of "good queries" would be a set that would contain queries that would be a good representation of all the queries you expect will be run against your db in a production environment.

Question 2:

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thank you mbonaci.. :) –  lourdh Jan 7 '12 at 5:17

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