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I'm trying to write a coin flip program where I can analyze the percentage of Heads flipped. I've gotten coin flip to work, just not the actually analyzing yet.

The problem is when I created a Coin class in order to further break down the object into something like Coin.length afterwards.

Why am I getting an "undefined method 'flip' for Coin:Class (NoMethodError)" from flip.rb:14:in 'times' from flip.rb:14:in <main> when I indeed have one?

class Coin

def flip
  flip = 1 + rand(2)
    if flip == 2 
        then puts "Heads"
        puts "Tails"


10.times do

Here's a die roll example that I am somewhat trying to emulate:

 class Die

     def roll
       1 + rand(6)


    #  Let's make a couple of dice...
    dice = [Die.new, Die.new]

    #  ...and roll them.
    dice.each do |die|
      puts die.roll
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Coin.flip is not a method you defined; this would be a class method, and to define a class method called flip you would write:

class Coin
  def self.flip

What you created is an instance method, and as such it requires that it is called on an instance:

coin = Coin.new
# or

In your second example (with the Dice), you are correctly calling new and creating instances.

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you defined instance method filp, but there is no class method called Coin.flip.

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