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Does anyone know any public API or a solution to store screenshot images to some public server? Using the image link and add it to your FaceBook wall...

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I don't know coco code, but here's some pseudo code to help you out.

var uploadedImageUrl = PostImageToWebSite(Method="FTP", url="your url", imageName="name", credentials="un:pw", image=screenshotUIImage);
FacebookGraphApi(path="me/photos", httpType="post", source=uploadedImageUrl );

or you could upload the bytes

var imageBytes = ConvertToBytes(screenshotUIImage);
FacebookGraphApi(path="me/photos", httpType="post", source=imageBytes  );

You can also see: upload image on facebook ios for a different way of uploading an image using ios.

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Found these ones: PhotoStack, imgur which seems to be a good option (in my case)

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