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I have an array of strings as follow:


I want to find the similar strings and put them in to a new array as below:


I am new to Python. Please give me an idea on how to do this.


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If by array you mean list in python-:

s = ["a1","a2","a1","a3","a2"]
duplicates = [x for x in s if s.count(x) > 1]
myl = list(set(duplicates))
print myl

output ['a1', 'a2']

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Thanks a lot RanRag. you saved my day. :) –  gishara Jan 5 '12 at 8:04
Welcome. Happy New Year –  RanRag Jan 5 '12 at 8:11

An alternate solution using collections.Counter

s = ["a1","a2","a1","a3","a2"]
print dict(c.most_common(len(c)-1)).keys()
['a1', 'a2']    
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Here is O(nlog(n)) approach to find duplicates. Initial list is sorted ( O(nlog(n)) ) so that duplicate elements in adjacent places. Then simple O(n) iteration is possible to find duplicates.

s = ["a1","a2","a1","a3","a2"]
s.sort() # sort changes initial list
new_list = []
prev = (None, False)
for x in s:
    if prev == (x, False):
        prev = (x, True)
        prev = (x, False)
print new_list
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Don't know about the performance though - but it works

s = ["a1","a2","a1","a3","a2"]
for i in range(0,len(s)):
  if s[i] not in common and s[i] in s[i+1:]:
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