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Like the subject, i found linux solution:

but on windows this apparently doesn't work. When added file "c:\Program Files\Vim\vimfiles\snippets\javascript.snippets", all js snippets didn't work.

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Ok there is a path issue on Windows or something because of this:

  1. my default variable (without ingerention to $myvimrc) g:snippets_dir is"C:\Documents and Settings\xliiv\vimfiles\snippets\,C:\Documents and Settings\xliiv\vimfiles\bundle\snipmate\snippets\" and both snippets (plugin and my defines) dosn't work.

but after setting it with additonal escapings in $myvimrc like this:

let g:snippets_dir="C:\\Documents and Settings\\xliiv\\vimfiles\\snippets,C:\\Documents and Settings\\xliiv\\vimfiles\\bundle\\snipmate\\snippets"

(the same as '1.' but with doubled '\') both WORKS perfect.

So my lateset WORKING line from $myvimrc is this: let g:snippets_dir="$HOME\vimfiles\snippets,$HOME\vimfiles\bundle\snipmate\snippets"

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Rather than hardcoding it, I'd rather let Snipmate set g:snippets_dir for me and then fix it -… – Idan Arye Mar 2 '14 at 11:50

It's not a good idea to store your plugins in c:\Program Files\Vim\vimfiles\, specially if your machine can be shared with other users. You should put them in C:\Users\[your name here]\vimfiles\.

Do you use SnipMate?

Assuming "yes" and since you appear to be using Pathogen, the correct location for SnipMate is C:\Users\[your name here]\vimfiles\bundle\snipmate.

Next time you edit a .js file all the default JavaScript snippets will be available.

Regarding the location of your snippets everything is explained in :help snipmate: if you have your own custom snippets you are supposed to put them under C:\Users\[your name here]\vimfiles\snippets\ which is their default location.

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I moved c:\Program Files\Vim\vimfiles\ to C:\Users[your name here]\vimfiles\ but if only i create C:\Users[your name here]\vimfiles\snippets\ (with snippet file in there) all snippets stop working. – xliiv Jan 10 '12 at 7:12
There is a missing "\" after Users in C:\Users[your name here]\vimfiles\snippets\ and I hope you replaced [your name here] with your username. $HOME\vimfiles\snippets\ is SnipMate's default location for snippets: on Windows Vista/7 it's C:\Users[your name here]\vimfiles\snippets\ and on Windows XP it's C:\Documents and Settings[your name here]\vimfiles\snippets. – romainl Jan 10 '12 at 7:38
Dirs are correct. If i moved content of $HOME\vimfiles\bundle\snipmate\* to (original path) $HOME\vimfiles\ all snippets worked. The problem is when there are snipmate plugin in bundle dir ($HOME\vimfiles\bundle\snipmate ) and snippets dir in vimfiles ($HOME\vimfiles\snippets ). No snippet works then. – xliiv Jan 10 '12 at 11:19

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