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I need to set all select boxes to a particular value. Here’s the HTML:

     <option value="-1"
     <option value="55">ENABLE</option>
     <option value="56">DISABLE</option>
     <option value="57">HIDDEN</option>

There are eight such identical select boxes on the page.

What I want to do is, on a particular check box change, I need to set the values of all the select boxes to 55.

I have tried




But neither of them works. Can anyone suggest a workaround?

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In your selectors you are trying to find an <input> tag with type="select" which is something that is not defined. Input tags could be of type text, radio, checkbox, submit, image, ... What you have in the DOM is a <select> tag, so in order to set the value to 55 on all select elements in your page you could simply:

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