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I'm looking for multiple file upload component with alternative ways. I need HTML5, Flash and normal upload support, depended by device. I don't like FancyUpload, because it uses mootools and mootools is very big library. Also I can't use jQuery, because I'm writing on Ext js and it's not good idea to use two big library like jQuery and Ext js. I can write it myself but I don't have a time.

If everyone knows any library like this, please post link here.


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I am a big fan of Plupload

Here is an example of all run times supported (Flash, HTML4, HTML5, etc...):

You can also include only the run times you want.

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Interesting link, combines all upload methods currently available – bouke Jan 6 '12 at 21:49

Here is an ExtJS 4 wrapper I wrote for SWFUpload:

I'm interested in having a more robust ExtJS4 upload widget though that supports HTML5 and normal form upload too. Maybe we can build one if nothing else turns up.

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