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I have created an android contact-book application. But when I enter the application, go through 3-4 screens and accordingly various activities are called. After which if I press the back button repetatively I return on first screen of the application. If here I press back button some or the other previously visited screen is shown again, rather the application should either exit or should go in background.

Can anyone help me solving this, where I have missed out some standards due to which I have stucked ?

In Short : Back-button on the first-screen of application shows irrelevant previously visited screens of the android application. So I'm unable to move application in background or exit.

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Use the Home button. –  KalEl Jan 5 '12 at 13:07

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This issue can have these causes:

  • The application wasn't closed before

If you are developing with Eclipse and the emulator and old version of your application does not necessarily get killed if you fix something and test the application again. Eclipse only tells the emulator to start the main activity.

So your Activity stack possibly looked this:

Main Activity -> Activity A -> Activity B -> Activity A

thus pressing back from the last one will bring up the Activities in the order

Activity B -> Activity A -> Main Activity -> Home-Screen

if you do not exit the application and just let the emulator create the Main-Activity again this will happen:

Main Activity -> Activity A -> Activity B -> Activity A -> Main Activity

Thus any actions from that point on will extend the activity stack but does not necessarily clean the old entries out of your stack. (this will only happen if the system considers them not necessary anymore and kills them)

  • Overriden methods

It is possible (but unlikely) that you have caused this behaviour yourself.

If you did not override methods such as onPause() you most certainly did not cause this. Some apps are forcing the start of an activity in the onPause()-method (which is very bad style, since this is not expected behaviour). This could change your activity stack.

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In my case it seems to be the issue with Overriden Methods . I want to show login screen if the application is coming from background, so I kept a variable in Intent during onPause method of each activity. Hence, in each case I have overriden onPause() method, but I haven't started any activity from onPause() though. Do you still think this is what the problem is all about ? –  HarsH1610 Jan 5 '12 at 11:18
please provide the code of your onPause()-methods and the code segments where you start activities. It's hard to tell without any of this. –  stefan Jan 5 '12 at 11:20
I need to check whether the app is coming from background,so I created Base-Classes by for activities for different purposes & overriden onPause(). @Override public void startActivity(Intent intent) { super.startActivity(intent); setGlobalIntentVariable(intent); super.finish(); } public void setGlobalIntentVariable(Intent p_intent) { p_intent.putExtra("app", "ContactZ"); } @Override protected void onPause() { getIntent().putExtra("activity", this.getClass().getName().toString()); onSaveInstanceState(getIntent().getExtras()); super.onPause(); } Please Format. Thanks –  HarsH1610 Jan 5 '12 at 11:28
Also I have used startActivity many a times depending upon events occured, as per the requirement. Rather using the new Indent everytime I reused the indent as : super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); editButton.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() { public void onClick(View view) { Intent i = getIntent(); i.setClass(getApplicationContext(),AAddEditContact.class); i.putExtra(ContactZDBAdapter.KEY_ROWID, mRowId); i.putExtra("app","ContactZ"); startActivityForResult(i, ACTIVITY_EDIT); onDestroy(); } }); @stefan,please let me know if u need nything –  HarsH1610 Jan 5 '12 at 11:33
you should put that code in your question, it's hardly readable this way :D what i think may cause the error in your code is the order of commands you're using: you first let the super-class start the activity intent and afterwards put some data to it. that seems wrong. also i do not understand what the super.finish() does in this context. can you try it with @Override public void startActivity(Intent intent) {setGlobalIntentVariable(intent); super.startActivity(intent); } please? –  stefan Jan 5 '12 at 11:35

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