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I am using Facebook's FQL to retreive a list of groups that a user is in. Could some please give me some detail on what the "version" field is for.

The official docs say

"> The group version. New groups are versioned > 0."

What is the definition of an "new group". Is it the new style groups that FB introduced a year or so ago? Are groups with a version < 1 considered obsolete?



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Per the Graph API documentation they do offer more information as to what new/old means.

A flag which indicates if the group was created prior to launch of the current groups product in October 2010

int where 0 = Old type Group, 1 = Current Group

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DMCS its been a while since i've been on stackoverflow. Answer not confirmed –  Pat Long - Munkii Yebee Feb 6 '12 at 12:55

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