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how i can to make these changes in below code?

  • show thumbnail image title for <div id="main"> when we click, thumb image.
  • show thumbnail image title below of <div id="main">
  • set URL thumbnail image for "blank.gif" ( i mean when we click thumb image, <div id="main"> get URL of that thumb image, also. i want make this change for use full-screen of any image)

code here:

<div id="main">
    <p><img src="blank.gif" /></p>

$(".productthumbs img").click(function() {
    // calclulate large image's URL based on the thumbnail URL (flickr specific)
    var url = $(this).attr("src");
    // get handle to element that wraps the image and make it semitransparent
    var wrap = $("#main").fadeTo("medium", 0.5);
    // the large image from flickr
    var img = new Image();
    // call this function after it's loaded
    img.onload = function() {
        // make wrapper fully visible
        wrap.fadeTo("fast", 1);
        // change the image
        wrap.find("img").attr("src", url);
    // begin loading the image from flickr
    img.src = url;
// when page loads simulate a "click" on the first image
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I get my answer, put it here for anyone have same asking...

<div id="main">
    <p><img src="blank.gif" /></p>

    <div id="title">
       <a href="about:blank"><h5>...</h5> </a>

and add these lines :

wrap.find("a").eq(1).attr("href", url);

after :

    wrap.find("img").attr("src", url);

Good luck.

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