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I have 2 tabs in an activity, and i want to add a new tab and add a google map, so i need to create an activity that extends mapactivity. so far so good. but i don't know how to call the activity just when the tab is chosen so the map could be shown.

this is my code

TabHost tabhost = (TabHost) findViewById(; tabhost.setup();

    TabSpec spec1 = tabhost.newTabSpec("tab1");

    TabSpec spec2 = tabhost.newTabSpec("tab2");

    TabSpec spec3 = tabhost.newTabSpec("map");


tab 1 and tab 2 are working as the code is all in the same activity.

any help?

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I have heard of MapView and MapFragment but i am not sure what you mean by MapActivity - may be that's a custom activity someone gave you. But anyways, i would suggest you create a MapView or MapFragment and return that when the user clicks on the Map-Tab in your application. You don't have to trigger another activity to show the map screen. Use spec3.setContent(MapViewInstance) or spec3.setContent(MapFragmentInstance) to achieve what you need. HTH.

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    tabSpec.setIndicator("CLASS A");
    Intent i=new Intent(this,ClassA.class);

    tabSpec.setIndicator("CLASS B");
    Intent i=new Intent(this,ClassB.class);
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You should work with Fragments instead of Activities to achieve this. For pre-Honeycomb devices there is a compatibility API to use Fragments.

With Fragments you can use FragmentTransation to switch to the google map within the same Tab.

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I am using honeycomb. is that a problem? and can you give me a sample code? and do i have to change all the code as it is already nearly ready. I just need to add this tab with google maps. – Adnama Jan 5 '12 at 10:28
If you are using honeycomb, you can use Fragments. I think you 'should' use fragments if you are developing for honeycomb or later. Here is some info to get started using fragments. – Leon van Noord Jan 5 '12 at 11:02

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