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I have a db song table that has columns TRACK, ALBUM, ARTIST. I have created a sphinx index for this table.

One of the rows in the table contains:

TRACK = We Found Love

ARTIST = Rihanna

I have the following PHP code:

$extended_query = $_GET['keyword'];
$cl->SetMatchMode ( SPH_MATCH_EXTENDED2 );
$cl->SetRankingMode ( SPH_RANK_BM25 );
$cl->SetFieldWeights ( array ( "ARTIST" => 100,"TRACK"=>100) );
$cl->SetSortMode ( SPH_SORT_EXTENDED  , "@weight DESC" );
$result = $cl->Query( $extended_query, 'searchtable' );

When I tried to search for "We Found Love", it returns the result correctly.

However, when I tried to search for "We Found Love Rihanna" (combination of artist and track), it is not showing in the result. Is there a reason why?

I am wondering what is the best setting to actually search and sort this type of searches which the search keyword might overlaps in the database columns and we would like the results to be sorted by the closely match.

Thank you for your help!

PS: I have tried to search for "We | Found | Love | Rihanna" but to no avail as well.

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Can you please provide Sphinx version and output for print_r($result["words"]); Thanks! :) –  vfedorkov Jan 5 '12 at 18:34
@vfedorkov yes.. here are the output results: Array ( [we] => Array ( [docs] => 170091 [hits] => 180207 ) [found] => Array ( [docs] => 22417 [hits] => 23600 ) [love] => Array ( [docs] => 681576 [hits] => 745623 ) ) SPhinx version 0.9.9 –  Heru S Jan 6 '12 at 4:47

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