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Until recently I thought there are only three options that can be set to MKMapView mapType.

[mapView setMapType:MKMapTypeStandard];
[mapView setMapType:MKMapTypeHybrid];
[mapView setMapType:MKMapTypeSatellite];

But as mentioned in this link how could I load the Google map in terrain view in iphone, one can also get "Terrain type(not mentioned in docs)" by setting

[mapView setMapType:3];

Interesting thing is maximum zoom in allowed in Terrain mode is different from other native modes. Instead of 3 above I tried integers <3 but that does not work(MapView shows Standard type only). Does anyone know if there are more options to set as type of MKMapView?

Thanks in advance.

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I am also looking for that, I want 3D view, please let us know. –  himanshu padia Oct 23 '12 at 8:37

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I came across this problem too. I'd used [mapView setMapType:MKMapTypeSatellite]; in my init method and the map type wouldn't change.

What fixed it was moving that line to my viewDidLoad method:

- (void)viewDidLoad {
  [mapView setMapType:MKMapTypeSatellite];
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