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        echo "<form method=\"post\" action=\"\">";
        $query=mysql_query("select question,id from ques where category=\"$ph\" order by rand() limit 5",$con);
            echo mysql_error().'query failed';
            echo "Q-$i"."&nbsp;&nbsp;";
            echo $value1['question']."<br />";
            $query1=mysql_query("select id,option1,option2,option3,option4 from ques where id=$qno");
                echo mysql_error().'query failed';


                echo "<input type=\"radio\" value=\"$opt\" name=\"$ans\">";
                echo "<span class=\"margin\">$opt</h1>";
                echo "<input type=\"radio\" value=\"$opt1\" name=\"$ans\">";
                echo "<span class=\"margin1\">$opt1</h2>";
                echo "<input type=\"radio\" value=\"$opt2\" name=\"$ans\">";
                echo "<span class=\"margin2\">$opt2</h3>";
                echo "<input type=\"radio\" value=\"$opt3\" name=\"$ans\">";
                echo "<span class=\"margin3\">$opt3</h4>"."<br /><br />";
        echo"<center>"."<input type=\"submit\" name=\"submit\" value=\"submit\">"."</center>";
        echo "</form>";
            echo $correct3;*/

in this i want to save all the id of selected option but after post i can get the last id so how i can get the all id of selected option? by get the id i can retrieve on the next page then i would find the correct answer so it is necessary to get the id of selected option

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It is really not clear what you want to achieve, please try to be more precise. And, I don't mean to be rude, but your code is not well written. You shouldn't combine PHP and HTML like this, but rather use a template engine, or at least separate the codes. – enyo Jan 5 '12 at 12:01
your input type radio name should be an array to achieve that. – punit Jan 5 '12 at 12:25

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