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I am using this code to show a usercontrol in popup.

 <Grid x:Name="ContentPanel" Grid.Row="0" Margin="0,0,0,0">
        <map:Map  Width="450" x:Name="Map" CredentialsProvider="map credential"  >
                <map:RoadMode />
            <map:Pushpin x:Name="Pin" Style="{StaticResource PushpinControlTemplateBlue1}"   IsHitTestVisible="True" IsEnabled="True">
                    <toolkit:GestureListener DragDelta="Pushpin_OnDragDelta" DragStarted="Pushpin_OnDragStarted" DragCompleted="Pushpin_OnDragCompleted">


When I try the same code for a page, map is displayed but for the popup, the map is not shown.

Can anyone help me out for this.

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You shouldn't show Bing Maps in a popup. It's a very heavy control, and requires a lot of interaction.

If you really want to show a map, you should show a static image from the Bing Maps web-service, or lock the control down entirely, so it don't support user interaction.

Generally you should avoid using popup's on Windows Phone, it provides a bad user experience. Use a BingMapsTask instead to show a given location with the phone's build-in map system.

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