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need to make Google Chrome print a page automatically. I have a page that is opened when the user clicks my apps print button The page opens, the chrome preview window opens What i want to do is somehow - select the right printer - the user can specify what that is elsewhere in my app under settings, then print the page to that printer and then close the windows. This should happen so quick that when the user presses print the printer starts printing. I need a solution to do this from java-script within a client app built in a webpage. What are the solutions can this be done. Thanks all

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There's no way to do this with only JavaScript.

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Are you sure, i think i have seen this done, ALso the preview uses a pdf and i have also read that you can fire the pef to print:… – spidee Jan 5 '12 at 12:08
That is for PDF files, not for web pages. – Bogdacutu Jan 5 '12 at 12:38

You can do if you start your chrome (v18+) with the --kiosk --kiosk-printing switches.

You can see it from this video

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Here's a batch file example I've created based on the answer provided by @russenreaktor:

@echo off
start "Chrome" chrome --kiosk --kiosk-printing --url
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