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just one questions.

Amazon offers product API to retrieve products information

you can retrieve price, salesrank, reviewrank, etc. But it looks like there is no API where you can retrieve customers reviews for a certain product.

does anybody know if there is a way that you can retrieve customer reviews of a certain product using amazon API?

i have researched that Amazon offers "Product Advertising API" program, where you can access to more information like user reviews, but I am not sure you can retrieve it and store on variables like I could do with AWS ValuesArticles.

thank you very much in advance

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I believe you can't, I can see that the Product Advertising API returns a URL to a page (for embedding in an IFRAME) containing the URLs, but you can't retrieve the reviews themselves.

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thank you very much for your time and answer. – user1106811 Jan 6 '12 at 19:05

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