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The simple script below returns a bunch of rubbish. It works for most websites, but not william hill:

var Browser = require("zombie");
var assert = require("assert");

// Load the page from localhost
browser = new Browser()
browser.visit("", function () {

run with node


S����J����ꪙRUݒ�kf�6���Efr2�Riz�����^��0�X� ��{�^�a�yp��p�����Ή��`��(���S]-��'N�8q�����/���?�ݻ��u;�݇�ׯ�Eiٲ>��-���3�ۗG�Ee�,��mF���MI��Q�۲������ڊ�ZG��O�J�^S�C~g��JO�緹�Oݎ���P����ET�n;v������v���D�tvJn��J�8'��햷r�v:��m��J��Z�nh�]�� ����Z����.{Z��Ӳl�B'�.¶D�~$n�/��u"�z�����Ni��"Nj��\00_I\00\��S��O�E8{"�m;�h��,o��Q�y��;��a[������c��q�D�띊?��/|?:�;��Z!}��/�wے�h�<�������%������A�K=-a��~'

(actual output is much longer)

Anyone know why this happens, and specifically why it happens on the only site i actually want to scrape???


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Check the headers; you may be getting DEFLATEd or gzipped data. – You Jan 5 '12 at 12:40

The same code works for other sites (which also use gzip to reply) so it's not a code problem.

My guess is the site is detecting that you are not running a browser and defending against data extraction.

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Defend against data extraction by sending binary response? Unlikely. – pguardiario Jan 6 '12 at 0:46
I also think that to be unlikely. I'm reasonably sure that the response is the gzipped equivalent to the page I download, I just need a way of unzipping it. – Hugh M Halford-Thompson Jan 18 '12 at 15:02
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I have abandoned this method long ago, but in case anyone is interested I got a reply from one of the zombie.js devs.

He says: "Zombie will now send accept-encoding header to indicate it does not support gzip."

Thank you all who looked into this.

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