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UPDATE: looks like spring:bind does work for some collections - it might be a problem with my model, causing it not to recognise certain collections. When I've got to the bottom of this I'll update my question and/or provide an answer.

The spring:bind tag is useful for accessing values in order to print them on the page or as a form field value, e.g.

<spring:bind path="filename">
  <c:out value="${status.value}" />

status.value is always a String, converted using whatever PropertyEditor is detected. But this is unhelpful if I want to access a property that's a List so that I can loop over it. I can access the variable directly in JSP but then I have to know the name of the command, and I can't take advantage of things like spring:nestedPath.

Can spring:bind provide access to the actual original value rather than the converted String, or is there another tag that can do this?

I'm using Spring 3.1.

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you can access the original object by

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Thanks Peter - I was sure I'd tried using actualValue before and it was returning null - but now of course it works, and I can access the original List consistently. – Nick Jan 16 '12 at 14:53

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