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I just started learning Java and I encountered some problems with the tag in HTML. Actually I think it's because of the attribute classid, I think I'm not using it correctly. I had some experience with HTML/CSS/Javacript/PHP some time ago so I can say that I can manage those.

I have this Java code:

import java.awt.Graphics;
import java.applet.Applet;

public class app2 extends Applet {
    public void paint(Graphics g){
        g.drawString("This is an applet",50,50);

And I have this in HTML:

        <title> First applet </title>
        <object codetype="application/java" 
            width="300" height="150" ></object>

Both app2.class and the html file are in the same folder, but when I open the HTML file it doesn't show anything. Using the deprecated tag, works though. Could you please tell me what's wrong with this?

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You have created the object tag incorrectly. See this link for more information on embedding applets in html pages.

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