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I have a java desktop application with information about several entities. There is a "print" button than WHEN pressed various information should be collected and printed.

The question is: How can i select WHAT will be printed ON a specific location on the paper?

A more general question would be: How can i format information to be printed on paper?

Thanks for your time.

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I would suggest using something like iText for generating a PDF and print the PDF instead. As a bonus, the output can be saved easily and attached to an e-mail.

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We've successfully use JasperReports -- really great tool scaling from simple to complex reports. Supports working directly with a list of entities (very convenient), and also RDBMS communication via JDBC and even HQL (Hibernate Query Language). There is also a visual design tool for it called iReport, so one can visually design the look and feel of the report.

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