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I am using Ubuntu on my workstation and whenever I try to commit/push to a Mercurial repository located on a CIFS share in my LAN, I get this error thrown: abort: Operation not permitted: /media/repos/myRepo/.hg/journal.dirstate

However, prepending any command that causes this with sudo, will let mercurial continue without throwing any errors at me.

What should I do stop having to sudo every commit?

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Fix the permissions on your repository (perhaps both the master one and your local one). –  robert Jan 5 '12 at 13:42
Done that. Chmod:ed both already to 777 and no change. –  Industrial Jan 5 '12 at 13:45
It would also help to diagnose the problem if you show the result of ls -la in the .hg directory. –  Laurens Holst Jan 5 '12 at 13:49

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Your user doesn’t have write permissions for /media/repos/myRepo. You can check the owner and permissions using ls -la. Depending on the result of that you should either:

Try changing the permissions with chmod to allow access by your user or group.

sudo chmod -R ug+w /media/repos/myRepo

(ug+w means add write permissions for the group and the owner user, this will work if you’re in the same group as the owner. Otherwise, you could try just +w which will add it for all users, but this is less secure.)

Try changing the owner with chown to your user or group.

sudo chown -R <myuser>:<mygroup> /media/repos/myRepo

(Both myuser and mygroup are optional)

Also be sure to use chown and chmod recursively on the entire repository. If journal.dirstate is recreated every time (which I think is what happens), it inherits its permissions from the .hg directory, so any permissions you change on the file itself may get lost.

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The problem might be related to a bug in Mercurial versions prior to 2.1.2 related to a failed transaction.

The problem begins to crop up if a hg push fails midway through the operation. This might occur, for example, due to the network dropping out or a hook on the server-side aborting a transaction. This can lead to a stale file journal.dirstate being left inside the server-side .hg directory.

From this point on, no user other than the owner of journal.dirstate or root will be able to push, regardless of the file permissions on journal.dirstate. This is because during a push, Mercurial attempts to chmod the file to the user performing the push, giving the error you observed: Operation not permitted.

To solve the problem, you can try either of the following:

  • Have the owner of the file journal.dirstate perform a successful push. The stale file should be cleaned up in the process; or

  • Update the server version of Mercurial to version 2.1.2 or above; or

  • Delete the file journal.dirstate on the server-side.

After carrying out any of these, all users should be able to push once more.

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