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I need to copy an image to clipboard using javascript/jquery and I am using the following js to achieve that.

function copyImageToClipBoard() {
            var div = document.getElementById('chart1');
            div.contentEditable = true;
            var controlRange;
            if (document.body.createControlRange) {
                controlRange = document.body.createControlRange();
            div.contentEditable = false;

It works fine locally in IE. But when I tried to test it from other machines IE, to paste the image into MS word I need to use the Paste Special-> Device Independent Bitmap option, otherwise I cannot see the image pasted.

I was wondering if it has anything to do with the environment of the m/c. If so is there any other option which works anywhere?


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You should use the jQuery function to guarantee cross browser compatiblity. At the moment you doing pure javascript.

Checkout jQuery Copy to Clipboard 4 Options.

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Thanks, but it looks like all the 4 options in that link can only be used for copying text not image. –  kranthi Jan 5 '12 at 13:57

Copy to Clip Board is not possible in Web But in Desktop and by using JavaScript it works only in IE because when we make copy then we store its address in memory and web cant communicate with hardware for that we have to make an additional bridge like flash to make it possible that web and our hardware can communicate so for that we can use following JS library which use flash and do the functionality of copy to clipboard hop it will help you..


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There will be security limitation to copy to clipboard from Javascript, explained here very well, Please check this answer Copy Image to Clipboard from Browser in Javascript?

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According to me you will not be able to do this. As you will not be having the admin rights on every client machine.U will have to use flash.

Browser does not have permission to add/delete file from the client unless special permissions are assigned to that

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