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I want to add a simple jquery function to Gwt using jsni. But am not getiing the functionality. Does Gwt support Jquery or I had to go for GWTQuery. Thanks in advance.

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GWT is Java, which is cross compiled to JavaScript. This means that all your application development is done in Java. jQuery is a JavaScript library and calling JavaScript methods with GWT isn't that easy (Of course you can JSNI but still...)

That's why they made GwtQuery!

GwtQuery is easy to learn for those using jQuery as they share the same api, additionally jQuery adds nice features like type-safe css, compile time optimizations, etc. (Source)

I'm using GwtQuery in my project and must say it's really easy to use and you can make all nice effects from jQuery with it.

Google mentioned GwtQuery explicitly at their I/O conference (check it out here).

All in all , if you are using Gwt you can use GwtQuery to access all functions from jQuery

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+1 GwtQuery is just awesome. Could not gwt without it. –  Peter Knego Jan 5 '12 at 21:49

If you use GWT, then GwtQuery is better then jQuery because:

  1. It is smaller: GWT compiler just compiles code that is used, so if you use a function or two from GwtQuery it will produce code much smaller then whole jQuery library.

  2. It's type safe and as a GWT library supported by your IDE.

  3. It's faster!

  4. No separate download - cuts down on page startup time.

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