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I'm trying to use JSZip to zip some text and then open it with 7Zip. The problem is, the archive is apparently corrupted at some point. I can't open it. I'm guessing it's not created correctly, possibly because I'm not using the correct encoding, but there could also be a slight chance that it's happening during transfer from my Android device (this is a Phonegap project) to my PC (I use adb to transfer the archive).

My code is:

var zip = new JSZip();
zip.add("hi.txt", "Hello World");
var content = zip.generate(true); // true == get raw byte string

Where writer is a Phonegap FileWriter object.

Any ideas?

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It is currently impossible to write binary data with Phonegap's FileWriter, as stated here by a PhoneGap guy.

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Maybe the same problem I've documented here document generation only works the first time

In my case the document generation works fine when having the remote debugger attached. In addition I can reproduce only on Android 4.4 (kitkat)

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