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Is there a way to automatically reload Spring resource file? I want to find out a simple way to change my configuration xml in runtime. Xml file is out of classpath folder.

Any ideas?


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If you meant that you want to avoid redeploying your server to change your xml configuration, you can check JRebel http://zeroturnaround.com/jrebel/.

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If it is the app contest you want to refresh, use ConfigurableApplicationContext.refresh() or more specifically for the web environment , AbstractRefreshableWebApplicationContext . You could look this up using the context:property-placeholder .

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Create your own extension to the ResourceBundle interface and use that to look up your strings instead of Spring. This way, you can control things like reloading.

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Spring provides ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource that can reload the properties file through the cacheSeconds setting.It support the properties files in the format of *.properties and the XML format used by Properties.loadFromXML().

If your xml file is in other formats , you have to make your own resource loader by extending ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource , and implement your logic to parse the XML file by overridding its loadProperties(Resource resource, String filename) .

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