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Usually kernel source are stored in /usr/src/linux-2.6.x/. To avoid to recompile the entire kernel if I modify a module's source, how can I recompile just that module?

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Switch to the root directory of your source tree and run the following command:

$ make modules SUBDIRS=drivers/the_module_directory

And to install the compiled module:

$ make modules_install SUBDIRS=drivers/the_module_directory

Note: As lunakid mentions, the latter command might not build the module first, so be careful.

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(Just make sure you run that in the tree root, unlike me. ;) ) –  Sz. May 12 at 12:17
@lunakid Good point ;) Although it should be pretty clear that SUBDIRS is relative to the CWD :P –  Niklas B. May 12 at 12:19
It's definitely clear, but then I still found myself sitting in the wacom driver dir in the end. :) Just not watched my steps. Also, could you please add to your answer that it can also be installed the same way, just putting make modules_install SUBDIRS=.... That's almost certainly the next step, and may not be immediately trivial (even though it seems so, after e.g. I spent some minutes googling it in vain... :) ). Thx, cheers! –  Sz. May 12 at 12:27
@lunakid Done. I assume modules_install also builds, so it's really a one-step process –  Niklas B. May 12 at 12:29
+1, thx. As to build+install: seems not: it unfortunately just craps itself, if this is indeed what it feels like: INSTALL drivers/input/touchscreen/wacom_w8001.ko cp: cannot stat 'drivers/input/touchscreen/wacom_w8001.ko': No such file or directory DEPMOD 3.4.34-x61t` (Still runs DEPMOD, though, that's why I'm unsure.) –  Sz. May 12 at 12:37
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You can pass the path to the module name or module directory to make as parameter.

make path/to/the/module/itself.ko
make path/to/the/module/directory/
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