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In the Android app , signature verification is done in local server . Considet this case :

If I make an in app purchase , cash is debited for the item . But due to some error (local server not responding or no netwrok connectivity), content is not delivered, as a result confirmNotification is not called . In that case google market should send the IN_APP_NOTIFY again. But this(IN_APP_NOTIFY) may not come in certain cases . So I need to do the verification manually and send the confirmNotification(). So can if I do it manually with latest stored notifyId , is it Okay ? But still we need to send a string array of notifyId in confirmNotifications(int startId, String[] notifyIds)

Any idea how to do it manually??

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Not sure, but here's another tutorial for perspective: anddev.org/advanced-tutorials-f21/… 8-) –  Blundell Jan 5 '12 at 16:27

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