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When I show a git stash with git stash show, I get a diffstat. git stash show -p gives me the stash as a patch, which is much more useful for seeing what's in there.

I'm not really keen on having an alias like git config --global alias.sts 'stash show -p', as I never remember what aliases I have — I'd rather have git stash show default to displaying as a patch.

Is there a way to make -p the default, so just typing git stash show does the right thing?

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I'm afraid that's not possible. Under the hood, git stash show actually executes git diff. It is passed --stat as the default.

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Use git aliases and retrain your muscle memory.

You'll need to edit your ~/.gitconfig file to do this.

If you already have aliases you'll see a line that looks like this in ~/.gitconfig:


If you do not, you need to add such a line.

Immediately after the line containing only [alias] you need to add the following line:

sp = stash show -p

Now executing git sp from your command line will show the result of git stash show -p

Season to taste.

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