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I'm having some issues with jenkins and gerrit. We have some jobs that verifies changes on the master branch.

this is the configuration i have:


URL of repository: ssh://jenkins_user@localhost:29418/project - Name of repository: Gerrit - Refspec: +refs/changes/:refs/remotes/origin/ - Branch Specifier: **

Execution Triggers

  • Check Repository
  • Scheduler: * * * * * (every minute)

Gerrit Integration

  • Gerrit Host: localhost
  • Gerrit Username: jenkins_user
  • Private Key File Path : path_to_key/key_rsa

The problem is when we push multiple changes to the master branch

git push origin work:refs/for/master

jenkins does one build for each change, but it always build the last change.

This happens with 2 out of 3 jobs (each one belongs to different projects)

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If you want to build changes you pushed to Gerrit for review (i.e. these changes are not submitted yet), then you have to use the Gerrit Trigger and not the other triggers. The wiki page explains it good, how you have to configure the Gerrit trigger event. However, if you have problems, write a comment.

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