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i'm quite new to Qt and i've a question.

I've got an application with multiple windows/QFrame. I'd like them to only exist within the mainwindow (it's also the parent gadget). When I move them, I want the to stay within the parent gadget.

  1. Is is possible ?
  2. If yes, how ? I've been through the Qt doc and i've found nothing. I though maybe a simple option can do that. Or do I have to create a new Widget with customs mouse Event methods ?


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If you want a Multiple Document Interface (MDI) GUI you can use the QMdiArea and QMdiSubWindow classes to implement this. Have a look at the detailed description section of QMdiArea for using it with a QMainWindow example, but it also works on any other widget as well.

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it works great ! That's what I was looking for. Thanks ! –  Matthieu Riegler Jan 6 '12 at 9:11

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