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I need to take a copy of a Raven database that currently resides on a 32bit server 2008 instance and restore it on at 64bit server. I have exported the data using smuggler.

However when I try to import the data at the other end I get multiple copies of every document. As well as the latest copy the history for each doc is being restored as well.

So for my accounts document as well as


I also have

accounts-450/revisions/1 accounts-450/revisions/2

And so on.

Can anyone advise me how to get rid of these?



Turns out import from a db with the Versioning bundle works much better when the target db has the bundle installed.

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Which build of RavenDB are you using? If I remember correctly there was an issue some time ago when backing up/restoring a database and using the Versioning bundle.

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thanks Thomas, turns out I was being pretty slow and had not included the versioning bundle in the target db. –  Bartlett Jan 5 '12 at 15:44
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