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We have a fairly complex data model and are using Hibernate and Spring Data JPA on top of MySQL. We have a base class that all domain objects extend to minimize boiler plate code. I would like to be able to add soft delete functionality across all of our domain objects using only this class. However, @SQLDelete requires the table name in the clause:

@SQLDelete(sql="UPDATE (table_name) SET deleted = '1' WHERE id = ?")
@Where(clause="deleted <> '1'")

Does anybody know of a way to generalize the SQLDelete statement and allow the extending domain objects to populate their own table names?

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We would be using this in our own version of AbstractAudible, which extends Spring Data's Persistable. –  ilana Jan 9 '12 at 19:27

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Have a look at my answer here, which describes how to implement this using a DeleteEventListener

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