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I have an issue which block me.

I want a slider/slideshow in my HTML generated page with javascript. In my web application I have 2 steps: - a div with a form - a div with results

When i click on my "ok" button, first div is not shown and second div is displayed (it's ok). Depending on the results, i want to display on my second div a slider / slideshow with severals images.

I have found severals jquery sliseshow, tested them in a simple html page it's worked, but when I put them in my javascript code which generate the div element, then slider is not displayed!

sample of my code:

  • works at the end of the page in the HTML side:

    Slider :

it's working

but when i put it in the javascript, it's not displayed!!!

result_html += "<div class='slider-wrapper theme-default'><div id='imgslider' class='nivoSlider'><img src='nivo-slider/demo/images/toystory.jpg' alt='' data-transition='slideInLeft'><img src='nivo-slider/demo/images/up.jpg' alt='' data-transition='slideInLeft'><img src='nivo-slider/demo/images/walle.jpg' alt='' data-transition='slideInLeft'><img src='nivo-slider/demo/images/nemo.jpg' alt='' data-transition='slideInLeft'></div></div>";
  document.getElementById("result").innerHTML = result_html;

I have tested with severals slideshow, so have you some ideas?


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How are you binding the slider behavior to the slider div? If you are using $('.slider-wrapper').each(function() { slider... }); then that is your problem. You would have to find a way to bind the slider using on() instead of each. The slider behavior is activated before the slider div exists. You have to bind it in a way that it is activated when the slider div is created. – John Fable Jan 5 '12 at 16:23
Yes, i do a window.load() which load the slider, and then I create the slider div so it don't works. When you say "You would have to find a way to bind the slider using on() instead of each", so I should do the jquery after created the div, it's true? Thanks – superscral Jan 6 '12 at 7:08

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Thanks to John Fable I have change this:

  • before I loaded the slider at the loading of my page:

    $(window).load(function() { $('#main-slider').flexslider(); });

  • and now, I load the slider in my javascript function:

    function toto() { // ... $(document).ready(function() { $('#main-slider').flexslider(); }); // ... }

    ...and it's working :)

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Sorry I didn't reply yesterday, glad you got it working. – John Fable Jan 6 '12 at 22:21

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