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importing my WSDL into RAD 8 (websphere 6.1) gives error:

<wsdl:part name="muid" type="soapenc:string"/>

The string type that is references by muid cannot be resolved.

XSD: Type reference '' is unresolved

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string is a type which has been defined in "the" XML Schema. Check, which prefix is used to reference the namespace (the XML Schema-namespace) in your WSDL (most probably something similar to xsi, xs, xsd).

Then change the line to

<wsdl:part name="muid" type="xs:string"/>

where xs is your namespace prefix.

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string is also defined in the namespace, based on the XSD located at that address. soapenc:string appears to be an extension of xs:string (adding additional attributes), so switching the type is going to restrict the content allowed in this wsdl:part. – DRH Jan 5 '12 at 18:01

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