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What GUI library does Google Chrome use?

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On Linux it uses GTK+, on Mac OS X Cocoa, and on Windows a custom views library, see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsvNebq1dRg and also documents from http://dev.chromium.org:

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On Windows WTL for the (well...) chrome, and WebKit for the HTML rendering.

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WTL on Windows, as Shay said. All UI in the Mac and Linux versions is being written from scratch in Cocoa and GTK+ respectively. Only the logic (and WebKit, which renders the web pages) is fully cross-platform.

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You probably want their document entitled "Conventions and patterns for multi-platform development." Your answer is

Mac -> Cocoa,
Linux -> GTK,
Windows -> Their own custom "Windows Views"

You'll also see have an experimental "GTK Views", so it sounds like they're aiming for their own abstraction?

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As of May 2014 Google Chrome uses it's own custom UI stack called Aura. This is currently the case for all platforms except OSX.


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