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I have the following problem. Currently I'm capturing clicks on a facebook likebox with the standard edge.create routine, store it into a cookie for further visits. However, I need a better way to do this. When a user clears his cookies or another browser, the cookie is lost and the likebox will show again.

I can't ask for permissions since this defeats the whole purpose of implementing the likebox (makes it easy to like a page).

Anyone has ideas?

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so you don't want the like box to show for people who have already liked the page? – Jan 5 '12 at 17:19
Yeah, and catching edge.create and store it in a cookie isnt a very good way. – Friso Kluitenberg Jan 5 '12 at 18:15
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If you can't ask for permissions you can't do it with any of API's Facebook providing. Except for the way you already do this.

The only flow I can imagine is a "too ugly and not recommended", but hey I'll say it:

  1. Create application (you can use current one if it doesn't have Page Tab url yet, but better to separate this nasty stuff from anything you already have)
  2. Install this application on Page you have like-box for.
  3. Hide tab for that application from your users
  4. Once user is visiting your regular application/site redirect him to
  5. Once user got to Page Tab Canvas of application from step 1 check signed_request if user have liked Page application is installed to (this info is always available to Tab Applications)
  6. Redirect user back to your main application like this = "YOUR_APPLICATION_URL" adding some argument indicating user is liked your page (which you can store in cookies for later, to avoid this "oh my how this is nasty" flow)

That's all. Please for the sake of humanity, never use this!

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thanks, this is indeed not an desired flow. The main objective is to remember when a user has liked a page. With the edge.create you can capture this the moment it happens and store it in a cookie. However, cookies tend to get deleted, so maybe is there anyother publicly available data to make sure the data is stored as long as possible for a specific user? – Friso Kluitenberg Jan 5 '12 at 19:47

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