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I am using the official MongoDB C# driver and I am trying to find a way to deserialize a BSonDocument into a class.

The thing is that I want this to be generic (without having to create manually beforehand). I need to do this because I am building a WCF data service with a ServiceOperation that will return documents in my mongo database. The documents returned can be anything so they won't necessarily fit a certain class structure.

Unfortunately, I cannot just return a list of BSonDocuments as my service complains that

The type 'MongoDB.Bson.BsonDocument' is not a complex type or an entity type.

Any of you faced a similar problem? If so what do you recommend?

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You could convert your BsonDocument to a JSON string and return that and then parse it back at the receiving end.

At the server:

var json = document.ToJson();
return json;

At the client:

var document = BsonSerializer.Deserialize<BsonDocument>(json);
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Yeah that's a valid alternative. I'll go with this, thanks for the suggestion. –  Tigel Jan 5 '12 at 20:11

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